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Staring out at the waves at Pebble Beach

Eat Play Spa Stay was born out of a love of writing about travel and food as I shared new experiences and adventures with family and friends. Living in Los Angeles is an adventure/entertainment/foodie/self-care aficionado’s dream. There is no scarcity of new things to try every single day!


Soaring over California with Sky Dive Santa Barbara!

My phone is busting at the seams with all the apps that get you deals and alert you to new and fun things to do. This is kind of where Eat Play Spa Stay’s tale begins. I’m usually the friend who coordinates outings and finds the discounted tickets or upgraded seats. I love sharing these tips with friends and now, I get to share them all with you!


Jersey Boys with my parents

So every week, I’ll check out places to eat great food, have some fun new adventures, and pamper yourself a bit in the greater LA area, as well as anywhere I find myself traveling. For those times when you need to just get away, I’ll give you the lowdown on where I’ve stayed and… whether I’m going back or not.

Wondering if that show is worth it? Let me do the recon! Looking for someplace fun to take out of town visitors? Check back for more ideas!

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